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Our mission, our values

Design small. Think big

At Air Liquide Electronics, we provide ultra high purity gases and innovative advanced materials creating smart, efficient, and powerful technologies.

€1,964 M

revenue in 2019


leader in gas supply for semiconductors manufacturers


Air Liquide specialists dedicated to the semiconductors industry


Design small. Think big

Design small, think big.

Technologies and digitalization have grown exponentially this last decade revolutionizing every industry around the planet. The science of electronics continues opening up new possibilities in how the world lives, works, and connects. 

Every day, breakthroughs are making technologies – from semiconductors to photovolcaïcs and flat panel displays – smaller and more powerful, with ever-faster cycles. 

Our values

  • Innovation: Continuously inventing new solutions for our customers is in Air Liquide’s D.N.A since its creation
  • Partnership: We bring unshakable support to our customers and tools manufacturers (OEMs), and create value in the long term.
  • Sustainability: Corporate social responsibility and particularly the safety of our employees, partners, and customers, is deeply anchored in Electronics. And we are committed to climate objectives, notably by designing molecules that bring performance while greatly reducing the environmental impact. 

A customer-centric transformation strategy

Our strategy is to bring new, effective solutions to respond to the new expectations and needs of our customers, helping them to increase their competitiveness and to make a difference in their markets.

Air Liquide Electronics plays a major role in the business of the infinitely small, helping accelerate the kind of progress that is said to make technology indistinguishable from magic… 

Air Liquide - Inventors of the Future