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Three Questions to

Xiaowen Zheng

Xiaowen Zheng is Performance Analytics Engineer, Smart Innovative Operations (SIO) PAC, at Air Liquide Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore.

  • Tell me more about you! Why did you decide to work for Air Liquide Electronics? 

My name is Xiaowen. I come from China and have been studying and living in Singapore for almost 11 years now. During my Chemical Engineering bachelor’s degree at the National University of Singapore, I was in an internship with the Health, Safety, Environment, and Security department in Air Liquide Singapore or ALSg. I have learned from a very nurturing environment and close-knitted culture. 

The very prominent emphasis on internal mobility is attractive to me as I would like to try out different roles first. There are also lots of learning and growing opportunities up for grabs for everyone, as long as you take the initiatives. 

So after my graduation, I thought, why not start my career with ALSg? And that’s how I started working in ALSg since 2018. 

It is very exciting to be able to explore new areas and enable Air Liquide to be at the next digital frontier!
  • Your job in one sentence...

I am currently a Performance Analytics Engineer, I’m analyzing various operational data to improve operational performance and enhance efficiency, bringing values to both the company and our customers via a data-driven approach. 

  • What is your latest key learning?  

My latest key learning has got to be the importance of cultivating a continuous learning mindset and habit. With that, then we can have continuous improvements in what we do. 

ALSg Electronics has made remarkable progress on the digital transformation journey in recent years and being digital savvy is definitely part of our way of working now. With advancements in technology and new possibilities emerging every day, I feel the need to keep myself updated in data science and analytics skills even though I have not much prior background knowledge. Luckily there is a strong company support to upskill us to embark on Smart Innovative Operations more effectively. It is very exciting to be able to explore new areas and enable Air Liquide to be at the next digital frontier! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought opportunities for more continuous learning, with the new working arrangement of working from home. Air Liquide University has launched a virtual campus to provide employees with interesting topics covering a wide range of skills. I thoroughly enjoy the readily available webinars and gain many insights that I would otherwise not be able to learn with my normal day-to-day work. 

It’s clear that Air Liquide values its people and invests in its people’s learning. Ultimately it’s a win-win for the development of the people and the sustainable long-term growth of the company.