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Air Liquide Electronics

Our purpose

A world reference in molecule design, manufacturing and delivery for the electronics industry

Air Liquide Electronics is a long-term partner that provides innovative solutions for the markets of semiconductors, photovoltaics and flat panel displays. We contribute to the innovation of the world’s most advanced companies in the electronic industry. As a world reference in the design, manufacturing and delivery of molecules, we conceive for our clients the infinitely small and enable them to think amazingly big.


Design small. Think big

Design small. Think big

Our core mission is to facilitate innovation by the world’s most advanced electronic technology corporations. We design the molecules and materials that help make technology smart, efficient and powerful. We provide the cost-effective solutions our customers need, delivering the product stability and operational excellence they rely on.

Through our focus on designing scientific innovations and technological implementation in the world of the infinitely small, we enable our customers to think amazingly big.

Safety, quality, stability & reliability

Safety is our first priority! It is at the very heart of our corporate culture and part of our responsibility commitment, with a formal objective of “zero accidents, on every site, in every region, in every unit” for all our stakeholders.

Air Liquide Electronics is also committed to offer the best quality, stability and reliability required by our customers. Our wide range of services and equipment facilitate uninterrupted onsite management of gas in compliance with the highest standards of safety.

Our 3,850 specialists worldwide are dedicated to providing the agility and reliability our customers require.


Team effort delivers technological breakthrough

April 27, 2016 in Innovation, Technology

Innovation matters with design to function

Our innovative electronic materials respond to increasingly challenging customer demands for improved mobility, connectivity, computing power and energy consumption.

Our approach is to design and deliver best-in-class innovative solutions to the electronics industries, always exceeding expectations.

To achieve this goal, we rely on:

  • A shared vision of imagination with our customers
  • Responsive innovation: working in step with each customer’s pace of progress
  • A continuous drive for excellence

Our Delaware (U.S.) and Tsukuba (Japan) Research Centers help our customers to focus and develop new advanced and etching molecules and materials. Shanghai Research Center focuses on flat panels displays, and Paris-Saclay Research Center on photovoltaic.

All centers work together continuously and have dedicated Labs and resources to test and manufacture with pilot tools best-in-class processes.

Developing cleaner manufacturing

Air Liquide Electronics helps to develop cleaner manufacturing. The gases of our new enScribe™ product portfolio has a very low Global Warming Potential, versus the conventional gases (CF4, C2F6, etc) used in etch process today that have extremely high GWPs. In designing these new gases, we address the technical (i.e. customer process) challenges, while ensuring that they also bring environmental benefit by reducing the overall GWP footprint of the fab.