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At the heart of our sustainable growth

Innovation is at the heart of the electronics industry which continuously invents ways to make chips faster and more powerful. Leveraging the worldwide innovation ecosystem of the Group, Air Liquide Electronics continuously develops unique solutions to produce ultra-pure gases as well as unique advanced materials that address our customers' most complex process challenges.

€317 M

of innovation expenses in 2019


partnerships with industrial partners, academics and start-ups


employees contributing to innovation

To meet the growing needs of electronics manufacturers, our Group is building three to four ultra-pure nitrogen production units each year throughout the world and innovates every day to create new Electronics Materials for the electronics of the future.

Pioneering in innovative molecules

Air Liquide designs, qualifies, produces, and delivers advanced materials required to manufacture the future of electronics components. They are used in a variety of etching, deposition, cleaning, and inerting applications which are critical to the fabrication of advanced semiconductor devices.

Challenging Carrier Gases

Air Liquide supplies ultra-high purity carrier gases that are used in a variety of cleaning and inerting applications which are critical to the fabrication of advanced semiconductor devices, flat panels, and photovoltaic. 
Air Liquide continuously invent new technologies and solutions to produce the most possible pure carrier gases in the most efficient way while protecting the environment.

Inventing on 5 Innovation Campuses

Air Liquide Electronics leverages Air Liquide's Innovation Campuses in the USA, France, Germany, China, and Japan, as well as an R&D center in Korea, all connected to world-class electronics innovation ecosystems.

Campuses housing our R&D centers offer a uniquely open and innovative research environment. Each Campus is part of a global network that facilitates collaboration and the sharing of both knowledge and insights. They are the most productive way to learn, share, and grow.

They include researchers, customers, business partners, start-up companies, and academics but also technical teams from other Air Liquide entities.

And with our unparalleled science and research expertise based on Essential Small Molecules and Data, the R&D works on preparing the future. Nowadays the Essential Small Molecules are playing a strong role in global challenges. It includes environmental issues, energy transition, scarcity of global resources, urban development, shifts in consumption patterns, and the fact that the world's population is living longer and increasing rapidly.

And to be closer to the electronics market, our laboratories dedicated to advanced materials development based in the USA, China, Japan, and Korea, are equipped with state of the art etching et deposition industrial equipment as well as characterization tools to better support our clients.

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