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Electronics Advanced Materials

advanced materials

Essential materials at the heart of microprocessors

Today’s electronics industry demands materials that enable technologies which improve connectivity, computing power and energy consumption. Air Liquide offers a complete range of electronics advanced materials (also called precursor molecules) and collaborates with customers and production tool makers, also called Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for new material development. This is helping the industry to fabricate increasingly complex, compact and powerful semiconductor chips (or integrated circuits).

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Advanced Material Centers (AMCs) worldwide

Enabling next-generation manufacturing technologies

Enhanced connectivity, computing power, longer battery life, and all-round better mobility are the hallmarks of today’s global consumer electronics market.

To achieve this performance, products rely on new generations of semiconductor chips, which are enabled by novel materials. These high-tech materials are deposited during chip fabrication via Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) processes, using a wide range of electronics advanced materials that we produce.

Electronics Advanced Materials
Our materials offer covers a broad range of advanced deposition processes.
Electronics Advanced Materials Voltaix Aloha
ALOHA™ and Voltaix™ materials are used in the production of semiconductor devices and advanced solar cells.

Collaboration with customers and OEM for new material development

Air Liquide is the industry leader in advanced thin-film materials, offering the ALOHA™ and Voltaix™ product lines as part of our material portfolio. The acquisition of Voltaix™, the recognized world leader in silicon, germanium and boron chemistries, in 2013, has bolstered our positioning. We have extended our range of advanced precursors, strengthened our relations with key customers and partners, and created new synergies in the research and industrialization of electronics advanced materials.

Industry leader in advanced thin-film materials

We work with our semiconductor customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) partners to select the most appropriate electronics advanced materials for their exact process requirements, and design new materials when necessary.

Our materials offer covers a broad range of advanced deposition processes, ranging from low-k to high-k and metals to barrier films.

These products come in a comprehensive package that includes dedicated OEM-qualified delivery systems, ultra-high purity canisters, and extremely tight specifications, backed by world-class Air Liquide affiliates in nano-scale analysis (Balazs NanoAnalysis and Toshiba Nanoanalysis).

Global capabilities

Air Liquide’s global capabilities include 8 Advanced Materials Centers (AMCs) where we produce, package and certify advanced electronics materials ensuring safety of supply and matching quality expectations of our most demanding customers. These centers are strategically located in electronics hubs including South Korea, Japan, the USA and Europe.

Electronics Advanced Materials AMC

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Complex gases and other materials are used for cutting edge technologies. ALOHA ™ and Voltaix™ are our two brands of innovative products.

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