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Air Liquide Electronics in the U.S.

Air Liquide in the United States of America

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Air Liquide’s US Electronics business continually innovates to meet the evolving demands of the electronics industry. We touch many parts of our customer’s operations and our focus on operational excellence means manufacturers can rely on the quality, stability, reliability and safety inherent in our electronics operations to meet their needs.

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Long term relationships with industry leaders

Innovating and collaborating with our customers and forming strategic partnerships enables us to evolve in tandem with the industry and provide cutting-edge products and services reliability and cost effectively. Our ALOHA™ and Voltaix™ advanced materials and unique specialty gases and materials product portfolio are answering the new cutting edge node challenges.

Large scale bulk gas installations and on-site gas production bring competitiveness required by leading manufacturers. Our services in the analytical field (Balazs™ Nanoanalysis) and on-site management (Total Gas & Chemical Management Services) with best-in-class equipment (AES gas and chemical distribution) allow our customers to develop their operations and investment road map in the most efficient and safest way.

Superior quality, stability, reliability and safety

Air Liquide understands our customer’s requirements for a comprehensive portfolio of high purity gases and chemicals, and accurate, reliable services. That’s why our core capabilities cover all major stages of semiconductor and photovoltaic production, including the delivery of gases and materials in small cylinders or containers, larger bulk gas deliveries and on-site gas production plants, manufacturing and installation of gas and chemical handling systems, industry leading analytical laboratory services, and daily management and servicing of gases and chemicals for our customers.

Air Liquide’s quality and industrial management systems ensure an intense focus on operational excellence, and our unique training programs ensure that all employees understand the impact of their job on our customer’s success.  


“The expertise of our teams, our global presence and our ability to reliably supply the right product to manufacturing facilities across the world are key reasons for our competitiveness in Electronics markets.”

Helena Seiver, Vice President, Strategic Account Management