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The Russian high-technology industry includes semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturings. Over the past few years Air Liquide in Russia has gained strong partnerships in these industries providing carrier gases, specialty materials, gas and chemical distribution systems, piping installations and services to our customers.

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A long term partner

Air Liquide Electronics Russia started his activities in 2007 and since has developed a competent team with a significant number of advanced technology customers providing services and solutions.

Building a long term partnership with our first semiconductor customer Mikron by providing complete solutions for gases, installation and services, the electronics activity in Russia was firmly established and has extended with other semiconductor customers. Today, Air Liquide Russia has an enlarged portfolio of specialty materials and high purity carrier gases with solutions for gas distribution and service. Mikron trusted Air Liquide Russia for its first ground project (180 nm) and a few years later for the second production line installation (90 nm). It was followed by the start-up of a dedicated air separation unit (APSA) and H2/O2 plant to supply nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and compressed dry air.

Air Liquide Russia has an enlarged portfolio of specialty materials and high purity carrier gases

The following years strengthened our development with the start up of a second hydrogen plant for our new customer in photovoltaic business (HEVEL, Novocheboksarsk) and launching a fully new project with semiconductor manufacturing (ANGSTREM-T, Zelenograd) with a large scope of gas solution and services including equipment and start-up.

Since 2007, the Specialty Materials business has expanded and counts today more than a dozen of customers, from large production plants to smaller micro electronics start-up and research institutes. Our main customers today remain Mikron, Hevel and Angstrem-T.

Safety awareness

Safety awareness of Air Liquide's team in Russia has reached a very good level although it is a constant challenge to bring the same level inside our customer operations. Fortunately, the safety results of the past 9 years, working at our customer premises, show that our efforts being proactive, sharing good practices and international standards of operations lead to remarkable changes in our interface perception. Customer visions, rules, procedures, awareness and safety culture have significantly progressed and let us hope to continue a promising growth.