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Air Liquide Electronics in Italia

Air Liquide in Italy

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Since 1990, Air Liquide Electronics Italy has been serving main customers with carrier and specialty gases, gas management services, equipment and installations projects and more recently is developing new precursors and advanced materials, according to the up to date customer technologies roadmap.

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A 30 years history of success

Air Liquide Electronics Italy was the first company to develop gas and chemical management services within semiconductor market in Italy and thanks to its successful history, continued to develop its enlarged offer many years later, with the biggest European photovoltaic manufacturer.

Along with 30 years of active presence in Italy, thanks to its teams competence, always customer oriented, Air Liquide Electronics Italy is succeeding in developing turnkey solutions, taking into account and successfully solving all the relevant concerns coming from its valuable customers, both for technical, safety and commercial aspects.

Air Liquide Electronics Italy believes in customer voice listening and customer proximity as the key factors for success.

Thanks to its oriented mindset, Air Liquide Electronics Italy has been succeeding in doing business, being a unique and skilled partner for electronics customers in Italy.

A strong safety culture

At Air Liquide, we know very well the importance of quality in the high-tech customers world, who are top-players in these fields and the parallel importance of safety. Even more specifically for the Electronics activities of Air Liquide, due to the very hazardous materials supplied, stored and handled from their sources till the points of use at customer Fabs.

Regarding safety, our Group was of course obliged to be strictly aligned to regulations and rigorous in the applications, but these practices were not limited to them, they were deeply extended reinforcing the whole organization’s culture and attention to safety.

Thanks to its strong culture, visible in the behavior of the day to day operations performed by each single technician, Air Liquide has always been considered a reference for safety.


“Even in front of undesirable events, if well studied and corrected in a transparent way, customers are always considering Air Liquide a reference for doing business with.”

Ada Petringa, Industrial & Quality Director, Air Liquide Electronics Italy

A unique focus on customer experience

Along with many decades, Air Liquide Electronics Italy has been providing services for High Tech customers, including operations in outsourcing, working within their Fabs.

The adoption of a transparent and open style of communication and the intimacy developed with customers, thanks to a day-to-day life spent together in O&M activities, in problem solving and Fab support, certainly allow Air Liquide to create a solid and strong partnership oriented to a mutual advantage in a continuous improvement cycle.