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Air Liquide Electronics in Taiwan

Air Liquide in Taiwan

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Air Liquide plays a leading role in supply of advanced materials, high value specialty materials and gas equipment to electronics customers in Taiwan. Electronics Materials Center Taiwan in Taichung focuses on providing differentiated activities, particularly transfilling, purifying, blending and analyzing of materials used by Electronics customers. Air Liquide Electronics Systems in Taichung focus on manufacturing gas equipment with world class standard and shortest lead time for our customer.

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Building a long term and sustainable value added position

Air Liquide Electronics plays a leading role in advanced materials in Taiwan by developing new molecules for future technologies with leading OEM companies and R&D of technology leading semiconductors companies, safe and reliable scaled up manufacturing and provide a quality system that covers from upstream suppliers to point-of-use for critical products.

The Electronics Materials Center Taiwan (EMCT) opened in June 2006 as the center providing material analysis to key customers.  Over the past years, its scope has been increasing into one of the largest silane transfill facility in the world.  EMCT's scope now includes transfilling, purifying, blending and analyzing of value added products as well as warehousing for advanced materials and specialty materials.

Later in 2016, the new TCN 51K BE - one of the largest HPN plant in the world - will start supplying gas to N10 technology fab for the No 1 foundry customer in the world.  We have TCN plant at world leading customers in Taiwan in all leading Electronics customer.