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Air Liquide Electronics in Taiwan

Air Liquide in Taiwan

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Air Liquide plays a leading role in the supply of Advanced Materials, high-value Specialty Materials, and gas equipment to electronics customers in Taiwan. Electronics Materials Center Taiwan in Taichung focuses on providing differentiated activities, particularly transfilling, purifying, blending, and analyzing of materials used by Electronics customers. Air Liquide Electronics Systems in Taichung focuses on manufacturing gas equipment with world-class standards and the shortest lead time for our customers.

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Building a long term and sustainable value-added position

Air Liquide Electronics plays a leading role in advanced materials by developing new molecules for future technologies with leading OEM companies and R&D of technology leading semiconductors companies, safe and reliable scaled-up manufacturing, and providing a quality system that covers from upstream suppliers to point-of-use for critical products.

Air Liquide in Taiwan has supported the development of the electronics industry for decades. We design and deliver best-in-class electronics materials and solutions for customers. Based on successful business strategy and continuous investment, Air Liquide has become a total solution provider in Taichung, Taiwan.

Our leading-edge technologies are proven in multi-dimensions. 

  1. Professional Gas Production: Air Liquide provides solutions and production of various ultra-high purity gases, including N2, O2, Ar, H2, He…, with best-in-class safety, reliability, flexibility, and total cost of operation.
  2. Strong Infrastructure for Electronics Specialty Gases: With reliable supplies of high-purity process gases and electronics materials, we ensure the safety and reliability of supply to match the quality expectations of the most demanding electronics customers.
  3. Most Advanced Lab-to-Fab Precursor Supplier: Lab to fab capability powered by state-of-the-art research centers focusing on upcoming challenges of the semiconductor industry. Air Liquide offers a broad range of electronics advanced materials and collaborates with OEMs and End-User R&D teams for new material development. 
  4. Broadest Fab Delivery Solutions: Air Liquide has expertise in providing premium equipment and installations for gases and chemicals, to assure that customer manufacturing processes are safe, clean, and efficient.
  5. Unique Nanoanalysis Services: We offer advanced analytical services for precursors, equipment parts, and wafers to help electronics manufacturers control, monitor and improve their Fab yield, and assure the quality of electronics devices.

Through long-term investment and partnership in Taiwan, we provide professional local services and support to world-class electronics customers to help make technologies smart, efficient, and powerful.

Electronics Materials Center Taiwan (EMCT)

The Electronics Materials Center Taiwan (EMCT) opened in June 2006 as the center providing material analysis to key customers. Over the past years, its scope has been increasing into one of the largest silane transfill facilities in the world. EMCT's scope now includes transfilling, purifying, blending, and analyzing value-added products as well as warehousing for Advanced Materials and Specialty Materials.

Columbus Plant (CTSP II)

Later in 2016, the new TCN 51K (Columbus P1) - the largest high purity N2 generator in Air Liquide Group - has started supplying N2 for tier-1 semiconductor advanced processes. With the inauguration of the Columbus P2 Plant in 2019, we further expanded our N2 supply capacity to 140kNm3/hr in Central Taiwan Science Park, which is a key milestone that Air Liquide demonstrates its commitment to customers.

Air Liquide Electronics Systems (ALES Asia)

ALES Asia was founded in Taiwan in 2006. The factory is located in Central Taiwan Science Park and has class 1000 and 100 cleanrooms (192 m2) and ISO 9001 certificates. With the effort of excellent efficiency and cost control, ALES Asia provides a proven, reliable, and cost-effective solution to worldwide special gas delivery equipment needs. Our customers are located all over the world, and gas equipments produced for customers are widely used in various industries such as semiconductor foundries, LCD, LED, Solar, lab, institute, and other applications.

Air Liquide Electronics Systems (ALES Asia)

Balazs™ Asia

Balazs™, the leader of Air Liquide analytical service offerings for its electronics customers, expands its activities in Asia and introduces new laboratory and services capabilities in Taiwan. Utilizing experience and expertise from its extensive history in the semiconductor industry, Balazs™ Asia is able to support the semiconductor and high technology industries in Asia through a local laboratory, chemists, and experts. Beyond simply performing chemical analyses and providing results, the global Balazs™ offer and capabilities help customers solve chemistry and contamination-related issues.

Balazs™ Asia