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Air Liquide Electronics in South Korea

Air Liquide in South Korea
에어리퀴드 솔루션즈 코리아

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Air Liquide Electronics in South Korea is fully dedicated to both the semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing industries, with both local production and R&D capabilities. Air Liquide supplies the full range of ultra-high purity gases and materials ranging from carrier gases, helium, electronics specialty materials to ALOHA™ advanced materials. Air Liquide Laboratories Korea innovates by developing everyday new electronics materials for the next device generation.

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Our expertise to meet electronics industries challenges

Air Liquide Korea Electronics started its activity in 1997 with the on-site production of ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) for wafer cleaning, followed quickly with Cheonan site in 1998 focused in electronics specialty materials, and more recently, by investing in cutting edge production plants at Sejong and Hwasung for advanced materials and ALOHA™ products.

In 2012, Air Liquide created Air Liquide Laboratories Korea (ALLK) at Yonsei University to support the Korean Electronics industries in designing and producing smaller transistors and pixels. ALLK’s researchers are experts in the fields of material chemistry and semiconductor processes.

We embrace the challenges of the electronics industries for innovation as well as for safety, quality and reliability.  As part of our answers, Air Liquide created Air Liquide Solutions Korea (에어리퀴드 솔루션즈 코리아), in 2015, to ensure the reliable and safe supply of electronics materials, specialty and advanced, with specific quality system aligned with the most stringent Electronics industry standards. On the production side, Air Liquide Advanced Materials Korea was created in 2016 to bring world-class production standards, and to develop both production capacity and capability in Korea.


“To accompany our customers with their increasing technology challenges and fast moving environment, we embarked in transforming ourselves and creating Air Liquide Solutions Korea to provide responsiveness, quality and reliability.”

Youngcheul Kim, General Manager & Representative Director Electronics

ALOHA™, innovation in electronics materials

South Korea is at the forefront of the innovation in the electronics racing for the  introduction of next 10nm to 7nm chip generations and the mass production of large-size and high resolution OLED display panels. Air Liquide’s ALOHA™ division is a leading participant in the innovation race through cutting-edge advances in high performance electronics materials.

Air Liquide Solutions Korea, Air Liquide Advanced Materials Korea and Air Liquide Laboratories Korea bring and customize these innovations to the Korean industry by providing proximity, expertise, partnerships and unique capabilities in molecule synthesis, CVD/ALD film deposition and characterization.      

The ALOHA™ product line includes all the advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) precursors for the Electronics Industry. ALOHA™’s precursors come in a comprehensive package including dedicated, Original Equipment Manufacturers-qualified delivery systems, ultra-high purity canisters, and extremely tight specifications, backed by its world class Balazs Nanoanalysis analytical expertise. Dedicated development and application laboratories as well as high volume manufacturing are located in USA, France, Japan, and Korea.