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Air Liquide Electronics in Singapore

Air Liquide in Singapore

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Since 1985, Air Liquide Electronics in Singapore has been supporting the needs of Singapore’s semiconductor and wafer fab industry. Air Liquide plays an active role in the supply of carrier gases, electronics specialty materials, equipment and installation and the total gas and chemical management for the electronics industry.

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A world-class electronics hub

Singapore’s foray into the Electronics industry began as a TV assembly plant in the 1960s. Its electronics industry has since grown to become a vital node in the global electronics market. It accounts for one in 10 wafer starts in the world, and 40% of the global hard disc media are manufactured here.

To meet the growing needs of Singapore’s Electronics industry, an Electronics Material Center and Clean Room Fabrication Center were set up.

Singapore Electronics Specialty Materials
Our Electronics Specialty Materials (ESM) Centre produces, packages and certifies ESM, ensuring the safety of supply and matching quality expectations of our electronics customers.

Expertise in reliable supply

Completed and operational in 1998, our 11,000 m2 Electronics Material Centre has a Class 100 clean room area of 600 m2 complete with ultra-clean piping systems and facilities for cylinder preparation and filing. There are on-site gas disposal and detection system installed for the safe disposal of hazardous waste gases.

Our Clean Room Fabrication Centre comprises a fully integrated system installed specifically for the pre-fabrication of bulk and specialty gas distribution components, valve manifold boxes (VMB), and gas cabinets. Our design and production team has been carefully staffed by some of the region’s finest engineers and most experienced welders specialising in ultra-high purity welding.

A wide range of capabilities at our customers’ fingertips

We are the market leader in Singapore providing total gas and materials solutions ranging from supply chain activities to gas system engineering. Our trained engineering team is capable of meeting the electronics industry’s specialised needs from design, installation and commission of state-of-the-art equipment and systems to the implementation of on-site gas management and services.

Our on-site operations teams are trained to perform multiple functions in gas and chemical management; increasing the efficiency and reliability of the manufacturing process. Our on-site total management service also provides a continuous and safe supply of high quality gases and chemicals at the lowest cost to each point of use in the wafer fabs, and with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Singapore Turnkey Engineering Solutions
Everyday, our trained and experience engineers deliver best-in-class products and services.

Meeting future challenges

We have developed a new generation of nitrogen generators, TCN-BE, for our Electronics customers.  As compared to the conventional generators which were built in the 1980s, this new generation of generators consume 30% less power. The introduction of these plants offered unique green benefits, aligned to both Air Liquide and our Electronics customers’ focus on energy conservation and environmental protection.