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Air Liquide Electronics in China

Air Liquide in China

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Air Liquide Electronics China started its activity in Caohejing Development Zone in Shanghai in 1990 to meet the needs of manufacturers of semiconductors. Today, Air Liquide Electronics plays an active role in supply of carrier gases, electronics specialty materials, equipment & installation and total gas chemical management as well for electronics customers in China.

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China's economy supports the electronics industry

Although China’s economic growth has shifted from high speed to medium-to-high speed, the electronics industry still enjoys great opportunities. For instance, the Chinese government has decided to leverage 19.2 billion US dollars per year to support the domestic semiconductor industry with the objective of reducing the country’s dependence on import. Meanwhile, with new display technology listed in "National Key Projects" for the first time and in the "China Made 2025" plan, China's flat panel display capacity will shrink to 41% of the world by 2020.

Air Liquide electronic materials center China

Our Electronics Materials Center opened in July, 2008 in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province and completed the construction of Phase II in 2014. Total investment hit 35 million US dollars for the two phases.

EMCC's major business is electronic specialty gases and materials dedicated to serving domestic advanced electronic customers, specifically in semiconductor, flat panel display and high-end photovoltaic industries.

A long term relationship with BOE

BOE (Beijing Oriental Electronics) Technology Group Co., Ltd., is the China leading supplier of display technologies, products and services, currently ranks No.1 in China and No.5 in the global display industry. As a global strategic partner, Air Liquide cooperates with BOE in Beijing, Chengdu, Hefei, Chongqing and Erdos with the business of carrier gases, specialty gases, total gas management (TGM) and equipment and installation service. Through more than 10 years’ gas supply, Air Liquide and BOE have deep cooperation and communication on many areas such as safety management and normal operation.

BOE and Air Liquide China Electronics, a Long-Term Cooperation on Safety Management

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A long-term cooperation on safety management

Air Liquide China and BOE continue their long-term cooperation on safety management and have reached a series of agreements.

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Air Liquide China and Beijing Orient Electronics Co., Ltd. (BOE) continue their long-term cooperation on safety management and have reached a series of agreements.
Air Liquide China and BOE held a safety seminar in Erdos in October 2014. Mr. Jia Lijiang (Party Secretary of BOE Plant I), Mr. Zhou Derong (Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality VP of Air Liquide China), and Mr. Fang Song (Electronics Senior Technical Director) attended the seminar and shared insights into safety management.
During the seminar, Air Liquide gave presentations about its safety culture, operation management and emergency management, in the meantime BOE shared information about its safety culture construction and the big events since the beginning of the year. This seminar was the 3rd one between Air Liquide China and BOE, with the first two held in Beijing and Hefei respectively.

The long-term win-win partner relationship between Air Liquide China and BOE is not only on safety management, but also on normal operation. Operator in Hefei BOE plant found the potential corrosion and condensate water on the customer pipeline during daily inspection. BOE accept Air Liquide China’s suggestion to take action for pipeline anticorrosion and insulation. Besides, Hefei BOE plant adjusted TCN working condition from 15000Nm3/h to 18000Nm3/h to satisfy the increasing consumption of customer.