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Air Liquide Electronics Meet Sylvain Talents Technology and Business Analyst Dallas

Meet Sylvain

Technology and Business Analyst

Sylvain,Technology and Business Analyst in Dallas, U.S., explains how he worked in Air Liquide after a Ph.D..

  • Tell me more about you! Why did you choose to work for Air Liquide?

In 2016, I was a Ph.D. candidate looking for molecules in the field of semiconductors. Air Liquide had the sesame I was seeking. On a technical level, this company, at the state of the art, had everything to seduce me. On the other hand, the company seemed to me like a tasty blend of history,  modernity and entrepreneurial spirit. This was what I was looking for.

In addition, I'm passionate about the idea of talking with people from different cultures and making decisions with these people. Air Liquide offers the possibility to work with the whole world easily. This could give me a general view of different domains, companies, and countries with different cultural politics in terms of business. Now working for the Electronics World Business Line, these considerations have proven true. 

Last but not least, sustainable development. Air Liquide positions itself as an ambitious player in reducing its carbon footprint and as a defender of the environment. I was very curious about these subjects. I am delighted to see that, for them, it is no longer just theory but that they are putting it into practice at a worldwide level. Products like enScribe™ or the production of green Hydrogen are now concrete and well established.

I was a Ph.D. candidate looking for molecules in semiconductor innovation. Air Liquide had the sesame I was looking for.
  • How would you define Air Liquide Electronics’ spirit?

I feel very lucky to join Air Liquide with the job I have in right now, and there are many reasons, the first being spirit. Indeed, despite the large size of Air Liquide Electronics, our innovation, development, and business teams form a united family. Thanks to this, teams coming from different entities all around the world work closely on the same challenges. This family spirit has allowed me to realize that promoting safety should be the first imperative in a company. 

This is materialized by an efficient entity that is methodical considering both short and long term perspectives. It aims to guide newcomers like me to open up to ideas, ways of working that can even be disruptive at times. Passing on the baton permits me, in my opinion, to serve the clients in the best possible way and continuity. Working in this environment has thus allowed me to discover fascinating people and subjects very quickly. I'm contaminated by this virus; which is none other than the desire to do well and to make others grow for better results in the end.

  • You're hosting a dinner party. It will be you and three guests, who can be alive or dead, real or fictional, but not family or a love interest. Who will you invite, what will you serve and what will you discuss?

I'm thinking of serving a risotto, it's mostly suitable for all diets, simple but slightly sophisticated.

  1. Albert Camus - great orator, daring, clear-headed, and honest - the first thing I’d ask him is what does he think of our time? … What are the big differences between what he's been through and what we're going through?
  2. Marie Curie - witness of her time, rigorous, pedagogue, attentive - my questions to her: What accomplishments are you proud of and what do you regret, and what would you have changed?- specifically, if you had today's means of communication.
  3. A fresh-faced kid - a citizen of the world, optimist, eager to learn - my questions: What's your take on what the first two people say? Do you have the same vision for the future as they do?


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