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Meet Simona Air Liquide Electronics Europe Bulk & On-Site Industrial Manager

Meet Simona

Bulk & On-Site Industrial Manager

Meet Simona, Bulk & On-Site Industrial Manager, Electronics Europe based in our offices in Bagneux. Simona shares how she is driving and coordinating the Electronics operations.

  • What team are you in and what does an average day look like? 

I’m the European Industrial Manager of Carrier Gas (bulk & on-site) activities. My role is to drive and coordinate the operations to take care of our Electronics customers, being close to them with a spirit of partnership and satisfying their level of expectation in terms of Quality, Reliability and Availability of the supplies.

Working in Air Liquide allows you to live in an international and multicultural environment
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  • The project you are the proudest of...

Leading the business continuity plans, interacting with several colleagues at various organizational levels (operations, logistics, production, etc.) with the common objective to ensure stable supplies to our customers, is motivating. I also enjoy being part of the digitalization of the operations through the deployment of digital tools in the fields of reliability and maintenance to support the job of the people on site.

  • What's the one thing most people don't know about you? 

In the last few years, I've become more and more conscious of the need to preserve the environment, adapting my lifestyle and my habits to sustainable development. Everyday I try to give my small contribution to behave responsibly - moving by bike, recycling and avoiding fast fashion, for example - and to influence other people to do the same.

  • Anything else you want to add that candidates interested in joining Air Liquide may want to know?

Working in Air Liquide allows you to live in an international and multicultural environment and to experience a significant job rotation with a wide range of opportunities to work abroad and to discover various business lines of the company. Personally, I started my career in Italy then I moved to France and I held working experiences in several different domains (maintenance, project management, operation controlling, strategy, industrial management).

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