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Meet Sean Global Product Manager Air Liquide Electronics Shanghai

Meet Sean

Global Product Manager

Meet Sean, Electronics' Global Product Manager, based in our Shanghai. Sean shares what innovation represents to Air Liquide.

  • Tell me more about you! 

I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a bachelor's  in Applied Chemistry in 1998 and went back to SJTU for 3-year MBA courses in 2012. In 2008, I joined the Air Liquide China Industrial Merchant marketing team. 12 years have passed now. I started my career in Electronics as an Electronics Specialty Materials Sourcing and Product Development in late 2018 and accepted a new challenge in the Electronics World Business Line from April 2020 as a Global Product Manager.

Innovation is a key drive force for the Electronics Industry
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  • The project you are the most proud of...

The project that I am proud of is to initiate and be deeply involved in the Methyl Fluoride local distillation project, which will be the first Electronics Specialty Materials (ESM) distillation column within the group; the success will contribute to the ESM transformation and enable the ESM global strategy implementation.

  • How would you define Electronics’ innovation spirit?

Innovation is a key drive force for the Electronics Industry, as directed by a customer-centric strategy. Electronics teams are highly prioritizing innovation, we endeavor to innovate by focusing on industry trends and working closely with customers. A key example is we are leading to implement the high-quality standard to fulfil customers’ requirements for high-end applications. The ESM team has also been engaged into R&D projects internally and externally to study new, high-end ESMs.

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