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Meet Cecilia Air Liquide Electronics Talents

Meet Cecilia

Marketing and Sales Admin Team Supervisor

Meet Cecilia, Marketing and Sales Admin Team Supervisor, Electronics, based in our offices in Shanghai. Cecilia shares her challenges as a Marketer in the digital age.

  • What team are you in and what does an average day look like? 

As a marketer in the digital age, the biggest challenge is also my goal: to be the cutting-edge information hub for both internal and external Air Liquide’s partnerships. At the same time, I’m always insisting on integrating the human’s unique warmth under this digital wave.     

I would say to candidates: Be yourself, Be Act Engage.
  • The project you are the proudest of...

I am honored to be involved in the Customer eXperience program - which has been initiated by the Headquarters. It is now showing an efficient landing on the worldwide affiliates! My biggest satisfaction is to participate in the group’s growth while improving the customer journey. It brought me a great sense of achievement. 

  • What's the one thing most people don't know about you? 

I don’t like to be a stereotype and I’m challenging myself by learning a new skill every year.

  • 2021: I managed 4 events the same week 
  • 2020: I lost 15kg in 7 months & learned to surf
  • 2019: I went from having no management experience to being the leader of a 10-person team.
  • 2018: I learned to swim

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  • Anything else you want to add that candidates interested in joining Air Liquide may want to know?

I would say to candidates: Be yourself, Be Act Engage.

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